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Hydraulic Car jack

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    I need to know how much stress a manual hydraulic car jack has while holding a 4000 lb load?
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    I suggest hiring a professional engineer. :wink:

    Otherwise, you'll need a lot more detail on the specifics of the car jack.

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    faiz513: For which component in the hydraulic car jack do you need to know the stress? And what is the diameter and cross-sectional area of that component?
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    i need to know the stress the hydraulic piston, which has a diameter of about 1 inch is a able to withstand?
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    The piston is not going to be the part that fails when the jack is overstressed. Which part do you think will fail first, and how will it fail..... ?
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    Bit of an elementary question really. Stress is force/unit area.

    Unless you want a more specific and/or useful answer more info is needed.
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