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Homework Help: Hydraulic conductivity

  1. Nov 10, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    The following questions apply to a confined groundwater aquifer consists of a homogeneous sandy soil with hydraulic conductivity, K, of 3 x10-2cm/sec. In the area of interest, the hydraulic head is 500 m, the aquifer length is 10 km, and the cross-sectional area of the aquifer is 100 m x 100 m.

    Question A:

    If the watershed (the surface area over which rainfall is collected by the aquifer) for this aquifer is 10 km long x 1 km wide, how much rainfall per year must fall in order to recharge the aquifer discharge? Hint: Figure out the volume the aquifer delivers in a year and match that to the volume of rainfall in the catchment area.

    Question B:
    Since the fraction of time an organic contaminant spends in the moving aquifer determines how fast it moves through the environment. Consider a spill of an organic contaminant into this aquifer 500 m the delivery surface of the aquifer. The contaminant has a partitioning ratio of 9:1 between soil and water respectively. How much time will pass between the spill of this contaminate at the upstream end and the contamination of a well found at the end of the aquifer so described? Hint: Material only moves when in the water phase. Figure out how long it takes for the aquifer to move the final 500 m then use the retardation (90%) determine how long it takes the contaminant to move the same distance.
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    I haven't seen any equations from you yet. How is the superficial velocity related to the head gradient and the hydraulic conductivity?
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