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Hydraulic cushion valve

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    I have a commercial fishing boat with a gillnet reel,basically a large winch. The reel is powered by a hydraulic motor and a chain drive/sprocket setup. It uses a reversing hydraulic valve with load checks,I think they are called. When the motor is activated/deactivated it comes to a complete stop and puts a hard jerking load on the reel. I have to use the valve with load checks to hold the reel in position when stopped so it won't back off in high winds. Will an inline hydraulic cushion valve take the jerking motion off the motor? Thank you
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    Why is a jerking load on the reel a problem? If the jerk causes pressure spikes that bursts hoses or couplings, sheared shaft keys or broke the chain then there would be a problem. A pressure relief valve across the motor, set slightly above the pump pressure will reduce pressure spikes to safe levels.

    If it is a hand operated directional control valve then moving your hand slower should increase the transition time and reduce the jerk.

    Why do the jerks occur now? What has changed recently, is the chain new or too tight? There needs to be some give in the system.
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