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Hydraulic Cylinder

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    hi everyone,

    i am a new entrant to this forum. can anyone help me to solve this issue.

    i have a hydralic cylinder arrangement which delivers 100N force at 4m/sec with a stroke length of 128mm. i need to convert this linear force to run a cylindrical roller.

    what will be the torque it can deliver if the cylindrical roller needs to run at 1465rpm.

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    hi everyone,

    if any one can help to solve this, i will be very thankful.if any other details are also needed for solving this, please let me know so that i can try to provide the same.

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    Try to write an energy balance without considering inertia contribute and losses (force*velocity=torque*ang_velocity).

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    This sounds like a poor way to drive a cylinder so quickly; I personally would use a motor coupled to it's end. If the driven cylinder is going 1465 rpm, that means the hydraulic cylinder would have to be going the same speed which is fantastically fast for something like that...
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