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Hydraulic Damping Information Needed

  1. Apr 15, 2005 #1
    1st of all - Hi everyone, this looks like a great resource, hopefully i'll be a frequent visitor!

    Anyway, the reason for this post is to findout if anyone knows of any texts concerning the more practical (design) side of hydraulic damping used in suspension systems.

    Im at uni in England at the moment doind Mechanical engineering, but i don't seem to be able to find any books on the subject in our library. Maybe im not looking hard enough.

    The reason i am looking for this information is purely interest - i ride mountainbikes in my spare time, and i was looking for a way to improve the damping circuit on my suspension fork, a 'Rockshox Boxxer' fork if anyone is interested.

    I know it can be done, as there are several suspension tuning companies in England that cater specifically for mountainbikers (www.tftuned.com, for example) i was just wondering where the information that they obviously use comes from.

    I would like to improve the consistancy of the damping, as well as making the damping smoother.

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

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    Boxxers, they're coil spring with oil damping right?

    What uni are you at? I find it hard to believe that your library doesn't have the necessary books, ours is rammed with this kind of thing.
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    Boxxers, they're coil spring with oil damping right?

    yeah, thats the one.

    i must admit i was suprised at the lack of information, but im not sure how specialist the subject is. there is a lot of information about suspension geometries as regards cars (anti squat and roll centres etc etc) but nothing at all about oil bath damping :cry: . Most of it is about damping pistons, which isn't really all that useful. I could be looking in the wrong bit of the library, im not too sure...

    Im at Aston Uni in Birmingham, by the way.

    Still, any help much appreciated.
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