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Hydraulic gear pump ports and line sizing

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    I am between selecting two gear pumps. One with .25 cu in at 2000 RPM or .38 cu in at 2000 RPM. In order for .25 cu in to get the right flow, I will need to increase the speed to 3000 RPM. Gotta belt drive it either way. I have sized up a suction line of 7/8" I.D. that will get me a velocity of 1.76 ft/sec.

    The inlet port on the .25 pump is a SAE 8 otherwise for a (8/16) 1/2" line. The pump with the .38 has a SAE 10 inlet port other wise (10/16) 5/8" port.

    Because the inlet port size is smaller that the suction line; does running the larger suction line defeat the purpose of sizing the larger line to fit the rule of thumb that a suction line shouldn't go over a velocity of 4ft/sec? It seems like the port size in either pump has defeated itself for the 4ft/sec max velocity for a suction line........

    Interested in members thoughts.

    Thank you!
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