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Hydraulic lauch systems

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    I am a young 19 old student engineer soon to begin university after a summer break. As I have a love for thrill and engineering advancements I would very appreciative if you can help me with my request.

    Basically, having followed the progression of the rollar coater launch systems over the past few year, I have always wondered how the hydraulic launch system (combined with nitrogen) actually achieves such great speeds in just a few seconds. I have tried to use calculations but I cannot prove it, therefore is it possible that anyone may know the calculations and demonstrate to me that the figures are possible using a hydraulic system-the more technical the calcualtions the better i.e. size of pistons, volume of nitrogen etc.

    Many thanks


    Jag man

    I hope you can help, many thanks
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    I'm not sure about those type of launch systems, but I happen to live near Cedar Point, and I do know that some of the quick launch coasters there use magnets and stuff like that. Similar to Mag-Lev trains if I recall correctly.

    Also, would it be possible to use theoretical rail gun concepts to propel a coaster? Your projectile would simply be the car (or a piece of metal under it), and you would have two "rails" on either side of it. Not sure if maybe it would be dangerous with the high Voltages though.....
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