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Hydraulic lever

  1. Jan 27, 2010 #1
    I have a doubt about hydraulic lever

    if a force f1 is applied at piston of smaller area a1 then pressure is transmitted to every part of fluid

    due to aplication of f1 smaller piston move down and piston at other end move up

    does the moving up of second piston have any effect on pressure of liquid
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    No, the two pistons will move at the same time (or very nearly so), so that the pressure is given by force/area.
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    If we apply force f1 on one piston and f2 on another such that p1 > p2 and one piston moves down and one up
    then what is increase in pressure of liquid

    will it be p1 + p2 ???????
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    Yes. It will it be p1 + p2.
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    thanks a lot
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