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Homework Help: Hydraulic problem, need help

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    hydraulic problem, need help!!!

    a hydraulic chamber in which a spring (spring constant = 1456 N/m) is attached to the input piston, and a rock of mass 39.4 kg rests on the output plunger. The piston and plunger are at the same height, and each has a negligible mass. By how much is the spring compressed from its unstrained position?

    output plunger=65cm^2
    input plunger=15cm^2

    i have no clue how to get it started, can anyone help!
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    Well you have the equation:
    [tex]\frac{F_{1}}{A_{1}} = \frac{F_{2}}{A_{2}} [/tex]

    The output plunger has an Area of [tex]65cm^2[/tex] and a force downward of the rock (Mass*Gravitational Accelertaion = Force)

    And you know the area of the input plunger.

    Also, the force on the spring is [tex]F=kx[/tex]

    Solve using that information. Good luck.
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    thank you so much that really helped a whole lot.

    -foggy :smile:
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