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Hydraulic pump and motor

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    i have a problem

    i have a motor 100hp and constant 2500rpm

    i need to connect to him hydraulic pump, that will rotate hydraulic motors connected to the wheels. i need to get about 80 N*m on each wheel

    how to solve this problem?
    what formulas i need?

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    Well based on the power of the motor and the rpm, you can get the output torque of the motor. This will then transfer to the wheels.
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    hm... it's to difficult for me... :-/

    motor make 100hp at 3000rpm. so pump also rotates at 3000rpm

    what a flow and torque that produces pump?

    thank u
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    "Calculating Full-load Torque" will help you get the torque produced by the motor. I am not sure how your motor is connected to your wheel system.
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    Do you have schematic or something,cause as rock.freak667 said it`s not clear from your first post.
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    this is a schematic of my project

    so i need to choose pump and hydraulic motors to get speed of car about 70mph and torque about 120 N*m

    the TC engine rotates constantly 2500rpm and make 100hp and 150N*m

    so i need help in choosing of pump and hydraulic motors

    thank u!
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    I depends where you live and if you want to buy parts of the internet,from stores perphaps out of you countery??
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