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Hydraulic pump

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    Hey guys I'm Matthew and I just joined today, I really like science mainly chemistry and biology but physics is very important too.

    I was wondering, I know it said no question, I want to help build a hydraulic pump my for my mom don't know how to start. The pump would be for her aquatics she wants to start. Please reply thank you.
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    Hi mqnguyen004. :welcome:

    Indeed, it does say no questions! This means you won't get an answer to your question here, because 'here' (as the forum name implies) is just for New Member Introductions and associated small talk. :cool:

    Only questions lodged in the correct subforums can attract answers. Refer to our home page for all the forums and subforums available--there is a dizzying number to choose from.

    Please read our guidelines for posting (click on the INFO link) so you can ensure all your posts are on-topic and in accord with forum requirements. This is good advice for every new member here.

    It is also a good idea to first do a google search on your question, to see what information is already available. When you search on 'hydraulic pump' you may find that what is known by that term in physics differs from what you have in mind, so you will need to explain exactly what you are seeking, preferably including a URL to something similar.

    Enjoy your time on the forums. :smile:
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