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Hydraulics Help

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    Hi. I'm trying to determine the flow rates of water in a pipe network. At a junction in a pipe, for example a simple y junction where the water heads out of a tap down a short length of tube before splitting into two lengths of tube of the same diameter, would the head loss equation for one of the outlets be.

    Total head=entry loss+tap loss+pipe loss 1+loss in connector+pipe loss 2+energy at exit

    I am pretty confident of this but wondered if I would need to take separate values of U for before and after the junction, in the U^2/2g terms on the right hand side of the equation (as the volumetric flow rate in the pipe changes). Any help would be appreciated.
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    Yes you will. Try taking a control volume around the Y. If you have 10 gpm coming in, you're going to have 10 gpm coming out, but in two seperate paths. You will have to calculate the new velocity after the branch and use that in the loss calculations after that point (until it changes again that is).
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