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Homework Help: Hydreogen Peroxide LAB

  1. Nov 22, 2007 #1
    What are the effects of various temperature, pH, alcohol, and saline solution treatments on peroxidase activity?

    What are the optional ranges of temperature and pH for peroxidase? Are alcohol and saline solution inhibitors or activators?

    Sate the dependent, independent and controlled variables in this investigation

    My answer:
    Dependent- peroxidase (potato)
    Independent – hydrogen peroxide
    Controlled variable - distilled water

    Why should hydrogen peroxide’s spntneous decomposition into gaseous oxygen be measured in the absence of any enzyme?

    What is the significance of the other data be if this datum were not gathered?

    Inquiry Skills:
    Evlalute the procedure by identifying sources of error and suggesting any modifications to the method you designed that you feel would improve the accuracy and precision of the data.

    Question 5: Sate the optional range of temperature and pH for peroxidase.
    Questions 6: The optional temperature and pH ranges of catalase are known to be 36-37 degree at a pH of 6.5 to 7.0. how does this profile compare with what you found for peroxidase in question#5?

    I'm completely lost in this lab. I dont get proper help from my teacher since its a distance education course. Please someone help with this lab. I want HINTS
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    Without more details about your experiment, I can't really evaluate your answers at all to offer help.

    I'm also assuming the answers are intended to be based on your actual data while conducting the lab. If you show some of that data, we might be able to help give you pointers.
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