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Hydroelectric power

  1. Jun 26, 2004 #1

    I need to know the equation/s that are used to deterimne how much power is generated through a hydroelectric power station in tems of the water flow.
    It doesn't need to be that descriptive, just a basic explaination will be ok.

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    The power comes from the energy of the water moving through the power station. The water will have both Gravitational Potential energy (=m*g*h) and kinetic energy =(1/2mv^2).

    You need to know what these values are before entering the power station, and on leaving the power station. The energy difference between the two sets of values gives you the energy transfer inside the power station.

    Obviously this is assuming no heat losses, or other losses, but certainly gives you a 'ball-park' figure to work with.
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    Cool thanks.
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