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Hydrofoiled again

  1. Nov 10, 2004 #1
    I downloaded a hydrofoil simulation calculator and wanted to verify the results I am getting.
    Can someone tell me if the following numbers are accurate? I am trying to get the highest amount of lift I can for a constant water velocity over hydrofoil of 20m/sec or 38.9Knots. I am also trying to keep the foil span as short as possible.

    Here are the input numbers:
    Foil Area Square Meters: 1 Sq M (1M span X 1M chord)
    Speed M/sec: 20 M/sec
    density of water kg/m^3: 1000
    thickness of foil divided by chord: 0.5
    Aspect ratio (Foil span/chord): 1 "This is a square foil I know"
    Angle of attack: 14.32 degrees
    Profile Curvature: 0.25

    The calculation is claiming that the hydrofoil would produce 53690 pounds of lift with these numbers. I need to make sure this is true and also that the wing is not in a stalled state on these numbers.
    Greatly appreciated. Sidenote: Would anything change if I put a rectangular ducting around the hyrdrofoil? I know in airfoils and fans, the ducting produces more volume of airflow.
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