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Homework Help: Hydrogen atom question

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    Consider a hydrogen atom in the n = 1 state in a magnetic field. For what value of the magnetic field is the splitting between the s = +1 and s = -1 levels equal to .000093 eV?
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    1.Since this question deals with the same kind of phyiscs as another one u just posted does (the normal ZEEman effect),it would have been fair if u had included this one in the same post/same thread.
    2.The advice is the same.This problem is somehow connected to the other one,as this time u're given the trasition and asked for the external magnetic magnitude.
    Look for the damn formula and make correct substitutions.In this case Delta s (the one u're asken about in the other problem) is 2.U know Procopiu-Bohr's magneton,what else 2 u need??
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