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Hydrogen Discharge tube

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    I experimented with a hydrogen tube and after some time the emission stopped.could it be because all hydrogen atoms became completely ionized?
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    Could you describe this in more detail?
    What was the arrangement of your experiment? What was the purpose?
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    the purpose was just to observe the spectrum using an induction coil. the tube was in operation about an hour and after that tha dark spaces were connected together and some time later the emission stopped.
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    I think it's because the hydrogen gas in the tube simply gets absorbed by the glass in the walls of the tube, or by the electrodes. It happens more easily with hydrogen than with other gases because the atoms/molecules are so light.

    In our introductory labs we use a variety of gas discharge tubes for observing spectra (hydrogen, helium, argon, neon, mercury). We have to replace the hydrogen tubes often because they "wear out" like this. The other tubes usually last until someone breaks them.
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    but the concern is the fact that on the following day the hydrogen tube started emitting though the intensity was a bit weak.
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    I have a vague memory of someone telling me that the tubes can be "regassed" by putting them in the fridge or freezer for a few hours.I don't know if it works.
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    I browsed through the internet and did not find anything regarding your statement...wonder if it's true...when cooled atoms do slow down and wonder if it accelerates the recombination process....
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    Are hydrogen tubes meant to be operated interminently? because i had turned it on for more than 10 minutes....
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    I browsed as well and found nothing.:confused:
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    here are some videos i took during the experiment ...

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