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Homework Help: Hydrogen excitation (griffiths 9.1)

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    I'm trying to solve problem 9.1 from griffiths book on quantum mechanics. I've written down the hydrogen wavefunctions for all combinations allowed of n, l and m. Now according to griffiths (and my memory) only one excitation is actually allowed between n=1 and n=2. This would minimize the amount of integration. Problem is, I can't find out wich wave functions have no business here. Any help would be welcome, spec. if you could give the correct set of n,l,m and motivation (so don't start TEX-ing in all the wave functions, there in the book).
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    As you are integrating over all of space all integrands that are odd in z vanish. Furthermore integrands containing [itex]e^{+/- i \phi}[/itex] vanish for more or less the same reason.
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    slowly figuring it out...Thanks Willem, see you on Friday
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    :biggrin: :tongue2: :surprised Wizzart...aka?!
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    :rofl: Rutger, 4th year student, doing lotsa 3rd year stuff. Usually talking with people like Egge, Erwin or Martijn. Check the picture on my website, probably more useful than vague descriptions... :rofl:
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    Aha, Rutger... Nice site, and cartoons! I especially liked the one about Steve Vai :wink: . Good luck studying QM...
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