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Hydrogen fuel generation

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    I would like to start experimenting with hydrogen as an electricity source, but I haven't been able to find any good resources for steps after the hydrogen generation. I've made some prototypes of small-scale hydrogen generation using electrolysis, so now I basically have two bags, one filled with hydrogen and the other one with oxygen. My question is now how do I go about taking these two gases and turning them into electricity. I'm looking for a feasible option that doesn't require just purchasing a fuel cell, rather, making my own.
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    Hi drew, :welcome:

    Re-think: hydrogen is just as much an energy source as copper wire ...

    The way to 'make' electricity is to not use it to make hydrogen.
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    It is more of a science experiment/test, just too see how it works and such.
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    But to test it as a source you have to take it from somewhere first. Yes, there is a loss of energy in the process.

    Hydrogen half cell comes to mind as part of a possible setup. You will have problems finding good electrode material though.
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    Lets say I can obtain the electrode material (platinum wire or whatever is necessary), any thoughts on constructing a half cell?
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    Wire in the acidic solution (around 0.5-1 M sulfuric acid would be my first choice), gas bubbled through the solution. You won't get high currents, and you will lose plenty of hydrogen (unless you can make it a closed system, with the gas circulating), but it should already work. You will need an oxygen half cell as well, and some kind of membrane (or a salt bridge).
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    Hydrogen is a energy storage medium, like a battery. Not an energy cell.

    Considering hydrogen gas is hard to work with, volatile, explosive, hard to contain without leakage, consider using something else.
    There's a reason technology develops towards bio ethanol/propanol and electric, not hydrogen gas fuel cells.
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