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Hydrogen Is Positive

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    "Hydrogen Is Positive"


    My physics teacher said that hydrogen was positive. But, I don't understand why this is true. I thought hydrogen, like any other element, was electrically neutral (because it has 1 proton and 1 electron). So why is it positive?

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    Re: "Hydrogen Is Positive"

    Yeah .. hard to tell if that was just sloppy, or if there was a point he/she was trying to make. I cannot see what it would be though, if it was just about a free H-atom. If it's about the role H-atoms play in molecules, then it would make a little more sense, since H-atoms usually pick up a partial positive charge in molecules due to bond polarization. But still, it seems like an awfully sweeping generalization.
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    Re: "Hydrogen Is Positive"

    Is it possible that your teacher was talking about a molecule of water? H2O is a polar molecule and the positive side will be towards the hydrogen atoms.

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    Re: "Hydrogen Is Positive"

    That's what makes water sticky isn't it? Because the hydrogen is positive in the water molecule which sticks to the oxygen atom in the water molecule because it is slightly negative.

    Can you explain to me a bit more what bond polarization is?
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