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B Hydrogen is the only element

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    Hydrogen is the only element and all the other elemnts can be prepared thru hydrogen and isotopes of hydrogen, is there any research paper on this?
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    Hi @CaptCoonoor

    There's unlikely to be any papers in the way you've stated your premise as it's inaccurate; isotopes of Hydrogen (or any atom) only have additional neutrons; once you give it an additional Proton it ceases to be Hydrogen and becomes Helium - so Hydrogen isn't the only element

    If you google nucleosynthesis you'll get links to how every element in the universe is originally made from Hydrogen/Helium, which may well be more in line with what you are asking
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    Re-read the definition of an element and you should immediately see that this is incorrect.
    From here: http://goldbook.iupac.org/C01022.html

    chemical element
    1. A species of atoms; all atoms with the same number of protons in the atomic nucleus.
    2. A pure chemical substance composed of atoms with the same number of protons in the atomic nucleus. Sometimes this concept is called the elementary substance as distinct from the chemical element as defined under 1, but mostly the term chemical element is used for both concepts.
    By definition there is more than one chemical element.

    This really isn't correct, but it is more accurate than your previous statement. In nature, the synthesis of most new elements takes place inside of stars through what is known as stellar nucleosynthesis. While the entire chain of newly created elements does start at hydrogen, to say that they are made from hydrogen is probably not the best way of saying it. All elements other than hydrogen-1 (protium) result from fusing together some number of protons and neutrons or from the decay of existing elements. Protons and neutrons are the basic parts that make up any element, so it's more accurate to say that all elements are created from these instead of saying that they are created from hydrogen.
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    The question has been asked and answered, so the thread is now closed.
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