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Hydrogenic atom

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    using first-order perturbation theory ,estimate the correction to the ground state energy of a hydrogenic atom due to the finite size of the nucleus, assume it's spherical nucleus.

    2. Relevant equations

    you can employ the fact that the electrostatic potential fi
    fi=Ze/R(3/2-r^/2R^ ,if r<R

    =Ze/r ,if r>R

    fi is elctrostatic potential

    R is radius, chargeZe

    3. The attempt at a solution
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    think Bohr radius [tex] A_o = [/tex] Bohr radius
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    can you please write down the potential "fi" more clear?

    is it

    [tex]\phi = \frac{Ze(3/2 -r^2/(2R^2))}{R}[/tex] ?? or

    [tex]\phi = \frac{Ze}{R(3/2 -r^2/(2R^2)}[/tex]

    Also show attempt to solution, you have to show some effort in order to get help. Read the rules of this forum.
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    the second one is
    fi=Ze/r only
    and the first one is correct
    there is two equation for fi .....

    i tryed to treat (fi) as (V) ,my question is how i can applay the perturbation theory in the same time using radial equation ? if i use perturbation theory what is (ebsay)
    is it
    1/(squarbi a^3).e^-r/a
    for ground state
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    please answer me ....
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    i don't know what happen ..... some thing wrong ):
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