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Hydron collider

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    I have some basic questions that perhaps someone within the proper field might answer.

    I was wondering if there has been any significant preemptive analysis or models of the potential impacts of cintrifical force generation during and after the operation of the hydron collider in relation to the planet.

    It just seems to me that the size of the device and the increase of mass during operation of this device might influence a large portion of the existing properties of the planet. Including, internal/external planetary magnetic fields, planetary rotation, local geological impacts of the experiment etc... the list could go on really...

    The hydron collider is in essence a large dense bicycle wheel of particles that continue to grow in mass and speed until the energy is released,... correct? Now based on the size and demographics, doesn't this concept introduce the likelihood and/or potential of interference with the natural oder of the planet? If not, what examinations took place in order to validate the safety of these experiments in regard to this topic? It seems to me that this would have been of concern above the hypothesis of "black holes>'

    Has this topic been discussed at length, or been evaluated by the scientific community? I would be interested in reading their findings.
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