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Hydrostatic Force in Calc

  1. Nov 30, 2003 #1
    Someone please show me how to do these problem below...or at least show me the 1st few steps so I can get started. Thanks a lot. Plz help me out...
    1)Find the force against the lower half of the rectangular floodgate 10ft wide and 8ft deep.
    2)A conical tank 10ft deep and 8 ft across the top is filled only to depth of 5ft of water. Find the work done in pumping the water just to the top of the tank and over the edge.
    3) A great conical mound of height h is built by the slaves of an oriental monarch, to commemorate a victory over the barbarians. If the slaves simply heap up uniform material found at ground level, and if the total weight of the finished mound is M, show that the work they do is 1/4h*M
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