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Hydroxide radical

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    Dear PF Forum,
    Recently I'm studying an ionizer water machine. This machine claims (it's what it says) that it can turn 'ordinary' water into alkaline water and good for health. It's not the machine that I ask, but it's the alkaline property that I want to know.

    Why is the walter alkalinized? Is it OH-?
    I read that alkalinized water is good for health
    And I also read that Hydroxide is a radical, and radical is not good for our health.

    Perhaps someone can explain to me, where does the alkaline property come from?
    Is OH- is really bad for our health.
    Or is OH neutral is the radical agent while OH- is actually good.
    Thanks for any explanations. :smile:
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    You've exceeded your understanding --- back up and digest things a bit.
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    OH(-) which is anion is *entirely* different entity than OH(*) which is radical.
    Electrolysis of water contaminated with certain species like chlorides would make it alkaline but would also produce some free chlorine and hypochlorites in it.
    These are killing bacterias so such method would be useful in some Third World countries where access to clean drinking water is not guarateed.
    In First World such water would most likely be harmful comparing to ordinary tap water.
    So, assuming that you live in First World, you have fallen victim of common quackery.
    You can safely dispose of your miracle doing gizmos into your bin basket.
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    Yes, I just read that this morning. Now, as Bystander tell me to go back, I'm reading 'How to calculate pH'.
    Thanks for your respond.
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