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I (hyper)fine structure of Rb

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    Hello everybody,

    while I tried to understand the Rubidium level scheme, I realized that I have some issues concerning the energy levels in general... If in addition to the orbital Momentum the spin momentum of an electron is considered for example the p level splits to the 2P1/2-level and the 2P3/2-level. So there are the cases that the total angular momentum of the electron shell can be J=L-S=1-1/2 or J=L+S=1+1/2.
    Same thing as hyperfine splitting: The 2P1/2-level splits up into F=I+J=3 and F=I-J=2.
    Why does it split into two levels and not more? Is there a way to describe this with the orientation of the spin momentum vector with regard to the angular momentum vector?

    Many thanks in advance!!! Best regards,
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    One electron (one angular momentum), two spin states.
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