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Hyperbola given points?

  1. Aug 24, 2010 #1
    Not a homework question, no worries. :) It's actually a work question.

    We have a slope top foundation that we need to slice - effectively, we will be slicing a cone in the xz or yz plane as to form a hyperbola. With this done, we are able to come up with 3 sets of points for our shape from basic geometry.

    (0,0) (15.865,1.2025) (31.73,0)

    The foundation is made of up effectively 2 pieces.

    Base piece is a cylinder.
    Top is a conical frustum.

    If you only consider the frustum, imagine a slice going vertically at some point along the slanted wall and you pretty much have the piece we're investigating. I want to model it to get the surface area of the sliced face through some equation. is anyone able to help or give some references for this? Thanks.
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