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Hyperbolic Hypothesis

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    If true hyperbolic trajectories really exist, then why has there not been any material discovered as originating from another star system?

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    lack of close-up study of long-period comets
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    A possibility, however, the probability is very high that objects making solar drive-by's in hyberbolic orbits originate in the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud. Around 1950, Oort noticed that no comet had been observed with an orbit suggesting it had came from interstellar space. He also noticed a strong tendency for long period comet orbits to have an aphelion distance of about 50,000 AU. There is nothing particularly special about a hyperbolic orbit, it is merely a matter of velocity.
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    1. If it is truly hyperbolic then it is a one-time pass, which would not actually be an "orbit".

    2. Time, just time.
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    Solar Centaurus...

    If true hyperbolic trajectories all originate from the 'Oort Clouds' of any given star system, and given that interstellar material from another star system must also originate from a hyberbolic trajectory from the 'Oort Cloud' of that star system, then what are the possibilites that the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, also has an 'Oort cloud'?

    What would be the distinguishing characteristics between Solar and Alpha Centauri Oort cloud material?

    Threshold velocity for hyperbolic trajectory reaching Sol from Alpha Centauri:
    [tex]dD = 4.124*10^{16} m[/tex] - Alpha Centauri range
    [tex]dt = 1.466*10^{17} s[/tex] - Sol star system age
    [tex]dv = \frac{dD}{dt}[/tex]
    [tex]dv = \frac{4.124*10^{16} m}{1.466*10^{17} s}[/tex]
    [tex]\boxed{dv = .281 m*s^{-1}}[/tex]

    What is the value for an average escaping velocity for a Solar hyperbolic trajectory?

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