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Quantum Hyperfine interactions

  1. Mar 25, 2015 #1
    Good day all,

    I'm taking a course on hyperfine interactions this semester. It is organised in the alternative way that we, the students prepare some part of the course notes (e.g. treat magnetic dipole term, electric quadrupole term etc.).

    The problem I have is that the course notes we received are absolutely terrible. (It is a 10 year old manuscript meant to become a book but I can't see that happen, ever)

    There are quite a few errors in the derivations and later on a lot of figures are missing. Furthermore there is some notation not explained and the important points aren't stressed in the text.

    Since we will present several measuring techniques during the second part I really want to understand every single piece of information in there, something I cannot do with the materials I currently have.

    Does anybody have a recommendation for me?


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    Simon Bridge

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    Google "hyperfine interactions lecture" and select from what seems appropriate for the education level you are studying at.
    There will be a lot - so read around.

    You can still use the bad text as a source of additional search terms to narrow down to the documents you need.
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