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Hypersensitive Mouse

  1. Feb 25, 2006 #1
    "Hypersensitive Mouse"

    Is there a way to solve this problem?
    (without getting a new mouse)

    Quite often, a single click with my mouse is interpreted as a double-click, and sometimes there no response after a single click :frown:...

    How can I solve this issue?
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    Go to the 'Mouse' section in the Control Panel and check if something needs to be adjusted.
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    I consulted the 'Mouse' section before posting here, and found nothing useful. It said, "The hardware is working properly", and neither ClickHold nor altering the double-click speed scale helped.

    :blushing: Hence this thread~
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    Sorry, I got a bit confused earlier.:blushing: For the problem mentioned above you need to change the settings under Folder Options. Hope it works this time. :wink:
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    It depends on where this problem occurs in Windows. If it's when he/she clicks on folders, then adjusting folder settings is the solution, but if it occurs globally (i.e. on taskbar tiles, menu items, etc.) then the problem lies with the mouse settings or the mouse itself.

    bomba923- give us a little more information about when this problem happens.
  7. Feb 26, 2006 #6
    It has nothing do with 'how many times I click"...but rather, how the mouse interprets my clicks. A single click is interpreted as a double-click, and sometimes a click is not recorded at all. The problem occurs globally--as you mentioned, z-component--nothing do with folders (but a general problem when I click on anything, anywhere)
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  8. May 9, 2010 #7
    Re: "Hypersensitive Mouse"

    I checked under control panel/hardware/mouse and everything was ok.

    Sure enough when I tried my mouse on our other computer it did the same thing. It is the mouse. The micro swich evidently has become faulty and it sends several impulses with each click which plays havoc with my outlook express and my calculator.

    Thanks for your answers. Ron
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    Re: "Hypersensitive Mouse"

    The problem seems like a noisy switch on your mouse button(s). Keyboards get around this problem by reducing the sample rate so it only occurs once every 4ms to 8 ms, or at least double the expected "bounce" period of the switch. I don't know if there's is any way to do this for a mouse with a noisy switch.
  10. May 9, 2010 #9
    Re: "Hypersensitive Mouse"

    Check for dirt in the buttons, if they make flaky contact, that could be your problem.
    There are electronics ways to fix it, but it's cheapest to buy a new mouse.
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    Re: "Hypersensitive Mouse"

    In a nutshell, your mouse has poor debouncing. You can solve it by either cleaning the microswitch (electrical contact cleaner) and a little dielectric grease or by replacing the mouse.
  12. May 2, 2011 #11
    Re: "Hypersensitive Mouse"


    As a temporary fix go to control panel and find the hardware tab, and then find where the controls for the mouse are located. For a quick fix until you can go to the store and drop another 10 or 20 bucks just switch the right and left mouse buttons. The change will take place immediately though so remember this as you might wonder why you can't close the window when you are don!
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