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Hyperspace Travel

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    I have some various questions for a story I'm writing.

    How much energy is required to access a higher dimension?

    Could Fusion Reactors or Quantum Singularities provide enough energy?

    How much faster than the speed of light do you travel, or do you just arrive instantaneously?

    Is it practical/tactical to have a space based opening into Hyperspace(like in Babylon 5)?

    And for aesthetic purposes, what would Hyperspace look like?
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    I'm not a physics or math guru (just a fellow story writer), but from what I remember from Dr. Kaku's Hyperspace, accessing a higher dimension would require energies approaching the Planck Energy (1.22 x 10 to the 19th billion electron volts). Think of the next higher spatial dimension as a way to possibly access any point in the universe instantly. Do you know the Flatland analogies? A creature in 2 spatial dimensions in the center of a square could never figure out how to move away from ALL sides at the same time because he can't imagine UP. Similarly, we 3-Ders can't figure out how to move away from all sides of a sphere simultaneously, but a 4th spatial dimension would probably do it. A 4-D person might look just like us except he would disappear or seem to fly or walk through walls or sink into the ground whenever he moved into the 4th spatial dimension. I hope this helps.
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    The Grand unification requires gravity to be included. But we look at the high energy states. We need a way in which to understand these dynamics.

    Here we might say, from a weak field measure, gravity to supergravity (metric point considerations) and in this supersymmetrical state, metric point consideration has just be moved to higher mathematical definition?

    Visually, you are see plasmatic reactions and turbulent waves generated in those baths, yet the flowing nature is still understood based on these gravitational considerations?

    I could be wrong though and I am open to corrections
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