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Hyperstring for dummies

  1. Jun 20, 2003 #1
    Its an area that's interested me for some time now. And I've just been given a physics project to do for the last few weeks of term - so guess what I'm hoping to try? Only problem is I have no idea either where to look for info book or paper-wise, and the only relevant thing that seems to ever come up when searching for information is a paper about the stability of 6 dimensional hyperstring braneworlds. Which means marginally more than nothing to me.

    So what I'm asking is this - Hyperstring for dummies - any references to look at either paper-wise or book-wise, or a deluge of information in a slightly more comprehensible form to a Lower 6th student on the basics of the theory. Or at least, the pre-requisites of understanding before I even begin to tackle the thing.

    That is, of course, I'm talking about the right thing in the first place - I suspect I am.
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