Hypnosis and hypno surgery

  1. So I was reading about anaesthetics and saw hypnotism as alternative,how true is hypnotism,could hypnosis replace anaesthetics?

    sorry I dont know much about this and I would like to hear your opinion.
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  3. well I would consider it no more effective even if it did work than meditation.

    we can lesson our perception of pain with hypnotism in a similar way we can with meditation but I dont see how this would prevent shock in a major surgery so ill take the good old fashion shot.
  4. I asked my dentist about this once after having read that some people had dental work done with hypnosis rather than novocaine. She said it was an avenue that was tried and abandoned because it only worked on some patients and only to some extent. It was too unpredictable, whereas regular anesthetics are pretty reliable.
  5. The body reacts to pain and trauma, which is why analgesia is important in many anesthesia regimens. The concept of disruption and paralysis alone is losing favor to a more complete approach. I don't see how a dubious and erratic practice can be a decent replacement for that. It is one thing to alleviate pain, and another to bear it in a slightly altered mental state.
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