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Hypnosis Software?

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    Hypnosis Software???

    http://www.tifareth.com/tifareth.html [Broken]

    umm, i find it rather amusing. Does it really works? Any comment and experience?
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    A scam preying on the morbidly gullible, or a sensible product? You decide.
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    no this doesn't work. you aren't going to hypnotize anyone into thinking they are a chicken. "Hypnosis at a distance and good for magic acts" are a couple of good indicators. Stage hypnosis is fake.
    Hypnosis/self-hypnosis is possible, but it is nothing like they make it sound here. It is much more subtle and less controlling. I can't comment on this particular program(even though I have), but I had a self hypnosis program called SHURM and I loved it. The only thing it did though was help me relax by playing nature sounds.
    There are little machines that can cause mind control at a distance, but you have to throw them REALLY hard and you have to have good aim. I think your best bet is a handful of good ol ruffies or a fistful of twenties.
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    If it did, they'd be using it to make everyone buy it.
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    Clever .
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    They also have software for remote seduction.
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    Yes, it's called honestrosewater.

    Oh no, I've said too much. Eh. It was bound to come out sooner or later...
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    Actually hypnosis from a distance is possible. Just buy a hypnosis cd and play it. By listening the instruction and doing as they is known to have quite the same effect as a person-person hypnotising. Secondly I would not name stage hypnotise as a fake. Or actually there are many kind schools in the hypnosis matter. Some say that hypnosis is just a person doing as they are expected to do and that is why he does what he does. There are different kind of suggestions (usually three) first class of them contains suggestions like "your arm seems light, that it is lighter than air" and so the persons arm will rise. This was tested and after the session they were asked if they lift the conciously or did it just rise forcefully. Most of them were not sure if they helped, some said that they might have helped a bit, and very few said that it just went up!

    This supports the theory that hypnosis is just a role game filled with expactations. But still some believe that they can hypnotise anyone they want to and that hypnosis is something supernatural and they have that magnificent power.

    What also supports this fact is that when electronically observing the brain when a person is open to suggestions (hypnotised) there were no difference apart from any other state of calmness. there are even more facys that support this theory. Such as the fact that some people are easier to hypnotise than other. Some people just play along with the hypnotiser. Like acting. It is also hypnotising. In this case you just hypnotise yourself, perhaps with the help of your director.

    Although there are other theories concidering this matter. These theories are more concentrated to the things like curing mental illnesses and psycological disorders.
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