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Hypnotist entertainers

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    We've all seen them on TV, or perhaps in a live show. People who will take invididuals or groups of people and make them do seemingly crazy things throught the power of hypnosis.

    Is this stuff real, or are there tricks?
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    I have been hypnotised. I was given a suggestion that my elbow was stuck so that I could not bend my arm. It worked.

    I have heard that hypnosis is dependent upon the willingness of the subject to believe it will work. This makes it sound like any crackpot idea ("it only works if you believe"), but I think there is a difference. Hypnosis works by reducing the subjects will to resist. Will and belief are intertwined. If you don't believe that you can set aside your mental defense mechanisms voluntarily, you will not do so, and you will not be hypnotized.

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    The dramatic effects seen in stage hypnosis are mainly due to factors other than hypnosis itself - you wouldn't get people to behave the same way in other situations. The usual setup is:

    1/ Volunteers from the audience are not going to be shrinking violets. Thus you have people who are prepared to be make a complete show of themselves, literally.
    2/ Suggestibility tests e.g. hand clasp ("your hands are glued together" etc). This ensures only the most hypnotisible volunteers get used. The number of volunteers is further whittled down by upping the ridiculousness-level of the tasks - some will blossom, others will melt back into the audience.
    3/ We all know how we are supposed to behave when hypnotised: under the hypnotist's control. We tend to conform to these 'social scripts'.
    4/ Ever been on stage, the centre of attention and everyone loving it? Its a great feeling, and you want to do things that get more laughter & applause. And you don't want to let them down by not performing.
    5/ Anything you do, you can blame on the hypnotist i.e. a licence for disinhibition.

    Hypnosis does play a part, but its really the social factors that make people behave outrageously. Note that people who have ever experienced schizophrenia, manic depression, or epilepsy should not volunteer, as the stress combined the hypnosis can trigger or exacerbate their condition. Indeed stage hypnosis is outlawed in many countries.
  5. May 23, 2004 #4
    Only those with a WEAK mind, are able to be hypnotised.

    The cartoon South Park had a great episode about "John Edwards" or whatever that poser is called.

    Its a crock of ****....

    By the way, number 42, are you the solution to the Universe? (just joking...)
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    I wish I was the solution to my bank overdraft and a couple of other things!

    Hypnotic ability (or 'suggestibility') is normally distributed i.e. nearly all of us are hypnotisable to some degree. Two of the main impedements to being hypnotised are fear of being hypnotised and an inability to concentrate. The latter may be due to poor cognitive functioning.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have often experienced so-called environmental hypnosis. Especially during long trips in automobiles, or even staring at the computer monitor.

    :uhh: :uhh: :uhh: :uhh: :uhh: :uhh: :uhh:

    Now..., look into my eye...
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    I am getting veeeerrrrry sleepy. But it's after midnight here, so that probably explains it.
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    Janitor, you are so funnie! :Smila:
    Is something like JS a 'real' show ? I seen it sometimes,, they brutally bit each other on the stage. I guess they got paid when doing so, right ?
    Or at around midnight, I used to see my bro watch boxing show on TV-those guys are bigger than normal bears. they hit and kicked cruelly.
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    I'm TRYING!!! Quit movin' it AROUND!!! Can't you hold that dang thing STILL??? (Is that a sign of temporal lobe epilepsy?)
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    I was hypnotized once by this Freudian Psychoanalyst during an abnormal psych course. It was the entire class and he made us believe that we sliced a lemon with our right hand and tasted it with the left hand.

    Well, I very much tasted the lemon. It was very interesting.
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  12. Aug 19, 2004 #11
    Absolute rubbish! You know not of what you speak.

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