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Hypo-Allergenic Cats

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    Ivan Seeking

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    On the down side, the designer cats are expected to have a zigzag scar on their foreheads, bolts in their necks, and to respond to the name Herman.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Interesting. But I can't help but wonder what this effect this gene manipulation will have on the cats themselves. Nature made puddy tats the way they are with good reason, I'm sure. I don't think we can completely understand all the ramifications until long-term studies are done. But in this case, that probably won't happen. They'll just rush these designer cats out to market and worry about any health consequences for the cats later.
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    It's not clear what being hypoallergenic will do to a cat's sense of direction, as this seems to be connected to some compass-like organ in their brains that allows them to steer directly to the most allergic person around.

    And besides the consequences for the cats, what about consequences for the owners? Genetically engineered cats might have an even greater ability to be underfoot at the worst possible moment—they might end up with the ability to actually teleport in front of you when you have armloads of grocery bags rather than just seeming to.

    Also, being hypoallergenic, these cats won't have that nagging suspicion that there might (however unlikely it may seem) be an actual reason someone isn't paying attention to them when that's what they want, and thus any fleeting sense that sitting on top of someone's magazine or computer keyboard might not be welcome would be removed.
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    Now i miss my cat. Thanks a lot jerk.
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