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  1. Question : A computer system has 6 I/O channels and the system personnel are reasonably certain that the load on channels is balanced. If X is random variable denoting the index of the channel to which a given I/O operations is directed , that its pmf is assumed to be uniformly distributed. Out of N=150 I/O operation onserved, the number of operations directed to various channels were:
    n0 = 22 ; n1 = 23 ; n2 = 29 ; n3 = 31 ; n4 = 26 ; n5 = 19

    Test the hypothesis that the load on channels is balanced at 5 percent level of significance.

    I have used the [tex]\chi[/tex]2 = (O-E)2 / E

    where O - obsevred and E is expected

    Is this correct or should i be using some other method
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  3. You can use the chi square test [tex]\chi^2=\sum (O-E)^2/E[/tex] Do you know how to get E?
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  4. I have taken all the E = [tex]\Sigma[/tex]xi/6

    Is that correct?
  5. Yes. If each I/O is taken as equally probable, 150/6=25=E.
  6. Thanks:surprised
  7. If you're being sarcastic, why did you ask for confirmation in the first place?
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