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Hypothesis Testing

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    Need to know the test that will be performed on the following question:

    The data comprises hours devoted to patient care per week for practitioners in conventional and alternative medical practices.

    Can we infer that the mean amount of time devoted to patient care per week by doctors using conventional methods exceeds that of doctors using alternative methods? Test at the 10% level of significance.

    What test will be performed:
    Hypothesis Test for m (s known)--Two-sided Z-Test
    Hypothesis Test for m (s known)--One-sided Z-Test
    Hypothesis Test for m (s unknown)--Two-sided t-Test
    Hypothesis Test for m (s unknown)--One-sided t-Test
    Hypothesis Test for p--One-sided Z-Test
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    This is plainly a theory question, to test your knowledge of the theory. You should therefore refer to your reading materials and try to gain a good understanding of the subject.

    If you short-cut through the theory, that will probably hurt you in the end.
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