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Hypothetical question about attraction.

  1. Jan 2, 2005 #1
    Okay, while broadly ignoring fettishes lets say in the future, a gene modifying program was made so that they could have supermodel pefect like looks. Nearly everyone becomes the product of the current common perception of absolute beuty. ie. perfect proportions in all areas.

    Now, Is the perception of beutey skewed from the small differences in phenotype and surroundings accounting for a small deviation from perfection.


    People become attracted to others for more phycological reasons. charm, intelligence, happyness ect. This would be quite benificial for the world IMO due to the fact that evolution is based alot more on looks then it used to be.
    Ingnore that if people could modify there appearence genes they could modify themselves for smart genes.

    now, on the otherhand if you think about the fettish part. Then eventually on my hypothetical who didn't modify there genes suddenly become rarer and the good looking ones.

    I would like some ideas and opinions please.
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