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Hypothetical question in relation to time dialation

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    [don't know whether i is the correct thread prefix, will change if requested/possible]

    Now I will start off by saying I'm only an interested lay person, and haven't studied this but was thinking about time dilation and it's correlative effects with gravity. Higher gravity, time slows down accordingly relative to the person/thing experiencing it.
    is the opposite true? If you could create a space within the universe (I am aware it's physically impossible to do so), would there be no passage of time, or would there just cease to be something you could measure time against?

    I kind of thought of it as a box that no gravity (or expansion of space) could enter. if you could put an object inside it..like a deteriorating radioactive substance, close the box, remove gravity or space expansion from taking place within it.

    would time for the object inside stop, or if the presence of increasingly heavy gravity slows time, would its absence speed it up? (compared to the universe outside)

    I just want you guys to tear this s**t apart, tell me why it's faulty so I can learn something from it.

    (I saw this thread; https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/what-happens-to-time-when-gravity-is-absent.211460/ which was in a similar vein but couldn't find anything conclusive in it to help myself understand this better, also didn't want to bump a long dead one)
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    Firstly, thumbs up for your thinking its quite an different perspective to view the two subjects. But you (as you yourself stated that you havent taken proper study of the subject) missed out few points. GRAVITY only slows down time from its normal pace, like it slows down light speed in its influence, so absence of gravity will only bring time to its normal pace not accelerate it further.
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    You are asking an unphysical question. Essentially you are asking us to tell you what happens when physics do not apply. We cannot answer this because how would you answer something from a model when the one asking the question has already told you the model no longer applies, you already know this as you state it in the OP.
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    oh lord you're right, this is very embarrassing.
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