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Hysys Q

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    I am doing a senior design project on converting corn into ethanol. I would like to perform my mass and energy balances on hysys. However, HYSYS does not have glucose and many other streams of substances that would be flowing through our process. Is there a method to input new substances into HYSYS?

    Thanks so much.
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    Have you tried their support center?

    The HYSYS literature indicates that is primarily for petroleum, but there should be a way to add other materials/properties. However, I am not familiar with the application/software.
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    use hypocomponents

    There is a feature in HYSYS where you can use to generate components which cannot be found in the HYSYS library.

    Goto basis environment and create hypothetical componet for your new components.

    Perry and "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics" will have a bit of date for some of the components.

    You will require to enter at least the NBP for the new component for HYSYS to estimate the rest of the properties for you.

    I found http://support.aspentech.com has useful tips to use HYSYS.

    Hope this helps.:smile:

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