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Medical I a very anxious person

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    Am I a very anxious person? I took inderal, and just feel perfect. My perfomance increased a lot. For example, I never finish a math test before the additional time, and the first time I took inderal, I finished 30 minutes before. The test is for 90 minutes plus 15 minutes. But got the a similar mark: 196/200. The day after I got a biology test for the same amount of time. I finished this test in 20 minutes and got 200/200, and I always take 80/100 minutes to finish a biology test. Why did I get such a different perfomance?
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    Equalizing chemicals in your brain or placebo.. They Kava for anti-anxiety. It also works as a hallucinogen at high doses and a sedative.
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    What is placebo and Kava? Sorry, I am not an english native. ;)
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    Placebo is mind over matter. For example a sugar pill is given to someone and for some reason it improves his/her condition. Its just a mind game. Search google for Cava I think it is.. Its all natural, grown in south america.
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    Great. Propranalol and other Beta andrenergic blockers can provide significant relief, especially in the case of performance anxiety. I assume hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma were ruled out.
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    What happens if I take Inderal everyday?
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    its a pretty benign drug--blocks the effect of adrenaline--less a bear is after you--can reduce exercise capacity.
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    Thank you, lol, you are funny. And my mother adviced me not to take it everyday because Inderal could loose his effect as I get used to it. Is this right?
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    to some extent she is absolutely right, that the body will often fight the effects of drugs over time. But with inderal, at least for the treatment of high blood pressure, the effect is not that pronounced. If you feel better I would take it every day, and when possible see whether there is a physical cause for the anxiety, as it usually does not work that well for anxiety unless it is stress related--which is why I mentioned that a thyroid check should be first thing, especially if your resting heart rate without inderal is above 80, or you always feel too hot.
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    If I could do a test faster, I would assume that it had to do with improved concentration. This could be any (or a combination) of the following:
    1) Concentration improvement as I read the test materials; or
    2) Better concentration to what the lecturer is saying (instead of daydreaming, or obsessing on other things); or
    3) Better memory of what I read (or heard); and/or
    4) At test time, less nervousness, so I can retrieve the info quickly (no more test-anxiety).
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