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I am about to start my degree

  1. Sep 5, 2008 #1
    I am from the UK and am about to start my degree in Physics in approximately 25 days. At the moment I am very eager to do as well as I possibly can and would like to do some preparation. Would anyone be so kind as to suggest some things that I ought to read before I begin?
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    The Geometry of Algebraic Fermi Curves (Perspectives in Mathematics) by David Giesker, Horst Knorrer, and Eugene Trubowitz is usually a prerequisite of most freshman physics courses, I definitely recommend!

    haha, only joking, Young and Freedman University Physics is usually a standard text book for first year in lots of places, or Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Resnick, so you could have a sift through them if you want to do some addittional prepartion. If you have done further maths you should be set to go on that front, if not then you could read around things like Complex numbers (Argand diagrams, de Moivre's theorem, Euler relation etc), Matrices(characteristic equation, eigenvectors/eigenvalues, determinants), scalar and vector products, polar coordinates, Taylor series. All this will usually be in some kind of prototypical maths 101 type course in your first semester. Also if you've not done further mechanics, check out things like rotational mechanics (moments of inertia, torque, angular momentum and so on).
    To be honest if you're strong on the further maths front then there's really nothing else you need to begin, and even if not it's all going to be taught again so you don't really need to prep.
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