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I am an engineering student and I am going to join my college research team

  1. Aug 28, 2012 #1

    I didn't find an appropriate section to post my queries. But do any of you have ever submitted any research paper?

    I have few question, if you know then please answer in details.

    1)What do you mean by Research Methodology?
    2)What are the steps of Research?
    3)What are the criteria for Research?
    4)What are the source of Research Problem?
    5)Can you determine a Case of Study of Research Phonemically Environment? (Brief history of Case Study of any Technical Research Problem)

    I've read somewhere that to write a good research paper we have to know answers for these questions. Can you help me. If you have any reference links for more information, then do post them. I'll be very thankful to all of you.

    Thanks in advance.
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