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I am an offshore oil worker

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    Hey All,

    I am an offshore oil worker and have a lot of time to devote to my studies of Physics.

    I am interested in the pursuit of a general understanding of Relativity, Quantum, and Thoeretical Physics. Although I have a basic understanding of the concepts, I would like to ask the populus here what is the best avenue of approach in conquering this? I am looking for literature that will help aid me in this, but not the type of resources extending beyond my capablities.

    Any suggestions?

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    Where are you starting from? How much math do you know (trigonometry, calculus, differential equations,...)? Have you studied classical physics (mechanics, E&M) at the level of a calculus-based introductory college/university course?
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    This doesn't answer your question, but I like this song and you might too.
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    I am good on the clasical side, and I have Geo, Trig, and Algebra...............as math history. I am an Instrumentation and Control Tech, so I use a lot of math on the calculations for different circuit types. I have no college level calc or physics though...............The calculus is the kicker I am sure, but I have some resources and and understanding of the basic principles, but will require further study to keep up.
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