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I am an unhappy individual?

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    I am literally at this point in my life where I am beyond frustrated. I am enrolled in Physics again after withdrawing from the previous semester, will be getting laid off soon from my current pt job and am just so aggravated. Just the slightest hint of conflict will cause me to explode on anyone laid before my path. Physics makes me want to shoot the wall and I cannot take this stress. I am currently on antidepressants, maintain a balanced diet and exercise 2-3 times per week. I posted this under general discussion because I do not know what else to categorize it by. I am SO ANGRY. Why am I so unhappy? Not to mention, I have also contemplated life without my being. Am I just psychotic? I am so annoyed I have blocked and discontinued every hint of a friendship I've ever maintained, along with avoiding my family members. I am TIRED of wanting to punch a god damn wall everywhere I go. What the heck is wrong with me. I literally feel the urge to give up college and drop out because I am clearly too stupid. Even family members (like I care about them ugh) mentioned I have an angry physical stature.
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    This problem is unfortunately not something we can help you with on an anonymous internet forum.

    If you are on antidepressants you likely already have a psychiatrist, which is a professional trained to help people handle this type of situations. (If you do not have one you should get one as soon as possible!) Your best option is to discuss your situation with this professional and follow their prescribed treatment.

    While we do sympathise, there is really no other advice we can give you. Thread closed.
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