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I am being kot by some kops ?

  1. Jul 25, 2004 #1
    I am uisng Kazaa to download music and i see clearly that there is an IP call for example abc-cable.katch.xyx.nmop.
    Whenever i use kazaa, i see that intrusive stickie cutie but curse-like address. There is not only me downloading music, there are millions of people around the world, why those dont catch them but me.
    There are only 25 songs in my shared folder, I am going to delete some more by the way..
    Can you help me please ? True, please anyone can you check yours and tell me again ?

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    Your second link doesn't work.
    But why shouldn't people use Kazaa ?
    I use Kazaa sometimes..
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    Kazaa is free because it is sponsored by folks who will bundle their software with Kazaa's. Usually, this is advertising software and it means you will have an awful lot of popup advertising on your computer (particularly ironic is when you're receiving popup advertisements for software that will stop popups).

    More troubling is that, at least at one time, one of their advertisers installed software that would have your computer link to their website as soon as you turned your computer on (even though the internet explorer screen doesn't open). This allows the company to update the popup adds your computer is generating. Not a horrible thing in itself, except for the pain of lots of popups. The bad thing is if business starts to get bad for the advertising company, they might stop being very picky about who they're willing to pick up as new customers (its very annoying when popups for porn sites start showing up on the family computer - along with popups advertising software that will clean porn off your computer - clever, but very annoying).
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    "Kazaa Lite" my friends...

    No pop-ups etc.

    -- David
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    Hey BobG,
    Do you happen to know if there is any data collection associated with running Kazaa? (e.g. returning URLs of websites the user has visited)
    Just curious.
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    Kazaa is just bad news. There are many better ways to get music.

    - Warren
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    Jkowski, you didn't sound scared in your previous deleted post.

    I think this thread is finished.
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