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I am from Egypt

  1. Apr 13, 2003 #1
    hi, how are you all?

    I am new to this forum, and I can't tell you how much delighted I am to be here with you. I can't express my joy and happiness to see this forum. I loved it since the time I saw it- even before reading anything.
    Thank you veru much for making my dream come true, to see a physics community.
    I am from Egypt. and I wish I can be of any help to you in the future.

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    Hi, welcome to PF, hope you enjoy yourself here, and feel free to PM me or any of the mentors if you have any questions!

    Happy posting!
  4. Apr 14, 2003 #3
    A hearty welcome, hhegab, and I hope to see more posts from you in the future.:smile:
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