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I am going to do a presentation on time-travel tomorrow.

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    I need a demonstration for the following topics:

    Time Dilation
    Special Theory of Relativity
    Twin Paradox

    So far, I plan on explaining the twin paradox by starting off with rolling a ball off the table and have my teacher catch it. Then I'll question him why he caught it and would it have fall to the ground if he didn't interefere. Basically, that will be able to introduce the class to the idea of a paradox.

    How should I start with a demonstartion for time dilation and theory of relativity? Something along the lines of the twin paradox is perfect.
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    mmm how come your title says tim-travel and your focusing on relativity and not the subsubject of time-etravel
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    Meir Achuz

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    Any table top experiment you do will only lead to great confusion of SR.
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    If your going to present that topic to the class. Then your going to have to explain some basic concepts in Physics for them to understand what your talking about. I don't see how rolling a ball over table is going to explain Twin Paradox to be perfectly Honest with you.

    If your going to explain Special Relativity. Then here's what I would do

    1. Go over Galilean Relativity, and how Galilean Relativity breaks down when light becomes involved.

    2. Then start with Einstein's Two Postulates of Special Relativity, and explain how that goes into Correcting Relativity in Physics.

    3. If your Teacher allows you to use the Chalk Board or Marker Board, then you could explain Time Dilation with the drawing of Diagrams. I would use the Old Fashion "Light Clock in Motion" to explain Time Dilation with the use of drawing the Diagrams of the Light Clock on the Board.

    4. Now you can Explain Twin Paradox, through once again more Diagrams.
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    lets say you can travel time if you really have a fast space ship.
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    If you want an example of a paradox, Schrodingers cat, or xeno's paradox would be good examples.
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    What about the grandfather paradox? That's a classic.
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