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Homework Help: I am having trouble with this homework question

  1. Sep 3, 2010 #1
    1. An NMOS transistor fabocated in a technology for
    which k_n= 400e-6A/V^2 and V_t = 0.4 V is required to operate
    with a small v_DS as a variable resistor ranging In value from
    200 ohms to 1 k ohms. Specify the range required for the control voltage
    V_GS and the required transistor width W. It is required to
    use the smallest possible device, as limited by the minimum
    channel length of this technology (L_min = 0.18e-6 m) and the
    maximum allowed voltage of 1.8 V.

    I have attached the work that I have done on this problem

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